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3 years of TibetanMedicine- ON LINE


Rodrigo Correa - Terapeuta Holístico 

Dear readers, 
TME is very pleased to announce some of its activities in 2011

New 3-year Tibetan Medicine online course starting in October 2011. 
The 3-year TM Online courses offer a rare opportunity to have an in depth study of Tibetan medicine and its related sciences, in an online interactive class with a direct access to Dr Pasang Yonten Arya, a prominent senior Tibetan doctor. 
Students receive the theory, in the form of book chapters of "The Essentials of Gyud-shi", a three-book treatise written by Prof. Pasang Y. Arya. This extensive work expounds and explains the traditional Gyud-shi (the Four medical Tantras), but also its contemporary practice and interpretation. Students also receive commentaries and explanations on these texts, in the form of audio and/or video recordings (more than 250 hours throughout the 3 years). Beside this material, several times a year, they participate in interactive online teaching sessions, where they can also ask questions.
Practice training is given in intensive 6-day workshops in Europe (TM course A) under Dr Pasang Arya's direct guidance.
Registrations are open for this class. 

It is with the greatest pleasure that TME announces the launching of
Advanced online courses and seminars for post-graduate students
At the request of graduate students from the New Yuthok institute (Milan), TME is now organizing advanced online seminars, focusing especially on detailed pathologies and case reports. These seminars are restricted to Tibetan Medicine students who have graduated from the New Yuthok Institute or from TME.

Oral transmission of the Gyud-shi
Given by Dr Pasang Y. Arya  / Milan, Italy, July 2-3
In Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism, the oral transmission (lung) is regarded as the soul of the tradition. It is a sound or voice energy continuity that bears the power and energy of the masters lineage. Therefore it connects a student to a precious root teaching that has been transmitted across the centuries through unbroken masters lineages. 
The New Yuthok Institute for Tibetan Medicine (Milan-Italy) has organized numerous courses and seminars on Tibetan Medicine since its foundation. Yet, the treasured tradition of the Gyud-shi's oral transmission has not been given so far. Therefore, the New Yuthok Institute has made a special request to Prof. Pasang Y. Arya to convey that precious lineage blessing to the Institute and its students. For the very first time, Dr. Pasang Y. Arya has accepted to fulfill that request, and will give the oral transmission of the precious Gyud-shi to the Tibetan Medicine students and ex-students (New Yuthok Institute and TME)

With best wishes

TME - Tibetan Medicine Education center

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